Unit 6 lop 12 writing a book

Handouts, textbook, boards, colored chalks and lesson plan.

Unit 6 lop 12 writing a book

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By the end of grade 12, read and comprehend literature, including stories, dramas, and poems, at the high end of the grades CCR text complexity band independently and proficiently.

By the end of grade 12, read and comprehend literary nonfiction at the high end of the grades CCR text complexity band independently and proficiently.

For their literature circle text, I asked students to demonstrate their learning of the book they chose for the unit. I gave them one simple criterion: I want to see that each student completed the book s. Because many students have difficulty deciding on how they want to demonstrate their learning, I gave them the option of creating Literary Dominoes.

The lesson here does the following: Introduces Literary Dominoes, Shows how to plan and execute a Literary Domino project, Indicates student responses to the importance of dominos, Offers an online option to the traditional Literary Domino project, Offers alternatives to literary dominoes for demonstrating student learning.

Doodle Graphic, Glogster, artistic response, scene performance. Since the unit focuses on building readers beyond the confines of school, a major concern I have is keeping students engaged without the project feeling too "schooly.

We look at the handout together, reading through it and addressing any questions. These typically include questions about the number of dominoes required.

unit 6 lop 12 writing a book

Students often overlook the requirement of analyzing the most important domino and the requirement to analyze how the plot will chance without three of the dominoes. Thus it's important to draw their attention to these requirements and to be sure students include these in their final projects.

The first thing students must do when tacking the project is to create a plan. Several other examples are also included here: They then analyze the text to determine how it would change had that event not happened.

Having students do this part of the activity is very important because it's the only way to 1. Additionally, it's insightful to see what students choose as vital to the action compared to what their peers choose as most vital. Padlet formerly called Wall Wisher allows users to "build a wall.

unit 6 lop 12 writing a book

Students may also insert images and video, such as YouTube videos. A group of students built the wall below based on Life of Pi. They were able to work on the wall on separate computers because Padlet allows this kind of collaboration. Other students chose to create Glogs for their final demonstration of learning.

Glogster is an online poster-making website. A glog can include text, video, images, and music. While the glogs don't function quite the same as literary dominoes, they do offer options, as long as teachers clarify the parameter that students must show a complete reading and comprehension of a text.

The Glogs below are a series created by two students who worked together on the project. They created several Glogs to show a thorough understanding of Life of Pi.Let’s put it this way: The ranking-based sales predictions it yields for randomly selected book groupings taken from a separate, held-back “validation dataset” always end up matching the actual Amazon-reported total daily sales for the group to within 6% and most of the time to within 2%.

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Reading Logs With Time Spent Reading

I give you the book.I want you to read it. -> I give you the book so that you can read it. 2) Dùng IN ORDER TO/SO AS TO/TO: Chỉ áp dụng được khi 2 chủ từ 2 câu giống nhau - Bỏ chủ từ câu sau, bỏ các chữ want, like, hope giữ lại từ động từ sau nó.

Bạn đang xem nội dung Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Unit 6: Future jobs, * I read a book that/which was written by a friend of mine. * I read a book written by a friend of mine 2.

timberdesignmag.com; Bài giảng liên quan. Bài giảng môn Tiếng Anh - Unit 6. [wėrst, wėrs] Claire is a poor typist, but I am less good than she. [prē sē d’ id, pru sē d’ id] Tim thought a moment and then went on with his story.

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Unit 1- Skill 2 Lop 6 Thi Diem(Bài Giảng Tiếng Anh 6 (Sách Cũ)-Duy Trương Nhật)