The ineffective manager case study

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The ineffective manager case study

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Is It Worth It? The program was originally published in by the International Organization for Standardization ISOwhich is a specialized international agency that focuses on the standardization of organizational processes.

The organization is composed of standards from organizations representing 90 countries. ISO was quickly adopted as the premier standard to ensure uniform manufacturing and auditing processes. The program went through a major revision in and now includes ISO But even after these major revisions, the program is often criticized as ineffective for a wide variety of reasons.

The ineffective manager case study

Overemphasis on Inspection First, many researchers believe ISO is ineffective because it is based on conservatism, overemphasizes inspections and audits, and fails to encourage real improvement. Barnesfor example, said that the current commercial certification process results in a "pursuit of quality certificates, as opposed to a pursuit of quality.

After overseeing more than 50 ISO registrations, Bill Robinson cited in Clifford,argued that ISO is not one of the better systems that can be used for process improvement. Clifford added that the ISO certification program can assist in raising a company's quality, but because of the stringent regulations and specifications, the processes eventually stifle long-run quality improvement.

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Quazi, Hong, and Meng agreed that the focus on standardization reduces creativity and continuous quality improvement efforts.

In other words, a plateau of quality can be reached through certification, but this plateau cannot be surpassed. Quazi, Hong, and Meng also supported the premise that the ISO program is not designed as a quality-enhancement program, and has not significantly improved the quality of products and services in firms where it has been implemented.

Questions of Safety Significant evidence also exists that implementation of ISO does not maintain quality, or even safety, for the customer.

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Yet Chinese companies have frequently made headlines due to dangerous pet food, lead-based paint on children's toys, improperly fed fish exported for consumption, poisoned toothpaste, cancer-causing ducks, and tainted cough syrup, to cite only a few examples Bristow, M, Chinese companies are also known for producing very cheap, low-quality products for export throughout the world.

The correlation here seems to be pointing in the wrong direction and does not serve the ISO initiative well.


Another event that casts ISO in a bad light: These quality programs failed to prevent these tragedies, ostensibly, because ISO is focused on being a quality audit program, and doesn't look for field failures or failures in design, which is where many quality issues reside Daniels et al.

In short, internal audit scopes such as those performed by ISO auditors have limited reach and value, and this results in products passing quality requirements but later failing when used by real-world customers.

Many product designs do not factor in human behavior, which leads to many quality problems that ISO cannot detect or improve Daniels et al.

The ineffective manager case study

An effective quality program should be able to detect quality issues in products, and ensure the safety of consumers that use the products. Simply put, ISO does not. These empirical findings are significant because ISO certification is highly dependent on documentation that focuses on internal and external audits.

If an organization's ability to document, monitor, and enforce certification guidelines can be called into question, the entire quality program becomes suspect.

External benefits — such as improved perceived quality, improved competitive advantage, and reduced quality audits — were not realized in the study Skrabec Jr. Administration and Control Another major grouping of complaints about ISO concerns the extensive administration, control, and recording requirements.Breaking news, weather, radar, traffic, sports from FOX 5 DC for Washington, DC, Maryland and northern Virginia - WTTG-TV.

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ISO An Ineffective Quality System. Chris Heffner, Steven C. "Swede" Larson, Barney "Tim" Lowder and Patti Stites. ISO was created as a family of models in , based on a wartime British manufacturing standard, as the answer to perceived manufacturing problems with quality and safety.

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