Social media as distractions to the focus of students

Facebook has over million users, while Twitter has over million. Many students rely on the accessibility of information on social media specifically and the web in general to provide answers.

Social media as distractions to the focus of students

As we develop mindful relationships with our screens, we help ourselves create a sustainable foundation for our careers, personal wellness, relationships and individual happiness. We will focus on vital breathing, conscious movement, increased balance and the liberation of the spine and mind.

Classes are geared towards beginners and advanced students alike. We will use a mix of both familiar asanas as well as introduce more challenging poses, with variation and specific focus given to each student and their ability.

As retreats are small in number, we are able to truly encourage each student to listen to their own unique body; we believe that with the right guidance, the students are really their own best teachers. Each Hatha Yoga Session will include a synergetic mix of the five traditional elements: After just a few days, you will be comfortable with a basic yoga routine to incorporate into your daily life.

We explore how writing or creating can impact your life and your mindand simply enjoy the nostalgia of hands-on-crafts as interesting way to bring out the child in you.

Our Workshops are a fun and exciting way to make something that you can bring home to family and friends; from watercolor to print making, solar carving to sun art, or simple Modge Podge and personal friendship bracelets. Return home with a surprise for your family and friends, a new recipe to share or some homemade bread to bake.

Our series of workshops are fun and tasty, and meaningful. All based on the concept of presence, mindfulness and being in the moment. This is a Retreat, Not a Networking Event Our retreats are designed to be personal growth and getaway retreats for individuals. These are not networking events, conferences where people exchange business cards, or meet-ups where we create opportunities to make contacts that further our careers.

Instead, we create an atmosphere for personal development, creative thinking, liberation from technology, and a space from the working world where we can all once again be… human.

We give our minds the time to think deeply, our bodies the chance to relax, and our natural surrounding the opportunity to engulf us. Expect a balance of structured and free time with as much opportunity for as much introspection as group reflection.

Social media as distractions to the focus of students

With a range of community activities, from yoga to cooking and hiking to group discussion, it is inevitable that we will all make deep connections with one another.

When was the last time you went 48hours without responding to email, checking Facebook, answering your phone, or being over-stimulated by external media? Have you given yourself the space and time you need to reflect, decompress or relax? Are you feeling burned out, tired, addicted to your social media, or simply need a new perspective on life?

Do you find yourself reaching for your phone or device in any moment of down-time? Do you interrupt conversations or lose track of time to meaningless online activity?

Do you sleep, eat and use the bathroom with your phone? Do you need space to reassess an important business move, give your mind time to rest, or just want a break from the tethered life?

Social media as distractions to the focus of students

Is your personal health declining or interpersonal relationships suffering from the imbalance in attention you give to your screens or work? Join us for our next Digital Detox retreat.

Testimonials what people have said about their experience with us… Digital detox is a transformational experience that everyone should do. I cant wait for my next retreat! I spend my day and nights caring and working for and with other people, only to realize that I ignored… myself.

Now that I reconnected I realize I am a better manager, friend, lover, daughter and sister. Went into Digital Detox to re-evaluate the footprint technology has made on my day-to-day life. The things I feared going in, such as being unaware of the time or being unavailable, became the things I embraced and grew fond of.

Changed my life and then some. I greatly appreciate the attention to detail you put into every aspect of the experience. It was a rejuvenating time that has recharged my batteries and reminded me of the truly important things in life…connection and presence.

Kyra Reed, Social Branding and Strategy Consultant This was the best experience I have had for restoration that did not require me to leave the country.


I was able to find parts of myself that had been neglected for a long time. The Digital Detox was simply awesome. Majestic trees, magic waters, starry nights and fellow tech weary travelers arrived as strangers and left as life long friends.

Being away from technology was relaxing, but I think the real juice is in rebooting what it means to be human. Levi and Brooke are beautiful human beings and this weekend shifted something in all of us.

I will carry that into the world with me and give others a piece of the gift you gave me.Control distractions. Focus on what matters.

Social media, shopping, videos, games these apps and websites are scienti­fically engineered to keep you hooked and coming back. Stop Being Overworked, Reduce Stress, Feel the Thrill of Getting Work Done. Teams and individuals worldwide use Personal Kanban every day to get control of their work, end wasteful meetings, and choose the right work at the right time.

Social media offers a chance to engage these students through something they're already using, which for many, makes connecting and learning a whole lot more interesting.

The Bad There is potential for distraction. Distracted driving is any activity that diverts attention from driving, including talking or texting on your phone, eating and drinking, talking to people in your vehicle, fiddling with the stereo, entertainment or navigation system—anything that takes your attention away from the task of safe driving.

Distracted by Technology: Focusing Attention on Homework. By Michael Howard Mar 27, AM.

Social media can affect mental health

texting or checking social media can actually impair learning the material as well as lower test scores. Research has shown that it's one of the worst study habits a student can develop.

He found was that students generally started to. Baiyun Chen and Thomas Bryer University of Central Florida, USA Abstract.

Quitting social media is easy. The hard part is handling what comes after this “extreme” step. I should know. I deleted all my social media accounts mid You're at work, in the middle of tackling a project that requires intense focus. You're on a roll. You're in the zone. And then your phone rings, snapping you out of your flow. Social media offers a chance to engage these students through something they're already using, which for many, makes connecting and learning a whole lot more interesting. The Bad There is potential for distraction.

Despite the high popularity of personal use of online social media, a low percentage of students and instructors use them for educational purposes.

The 10 Best and Worst Ways Social Media Impacts Education