Single sourcing

Sole Sourcing In purchasing sole sourcing take place when only one supplier for the required item is available, whereas with single sourcing a particular supplier is purposefully chosen by the buying organisation, even when other suppliers are available Larson and Kulchitsky, ; Van Weele, Single sourcing decisions are usually made at strategic and top management level where purchasing and supply managers need to determine whether and how much value single source relationships add Leenders et al. It is often opted for with the purpose of reducing material costs, as placing all purchasing requirements with only one supplier often makes it possible to negotiate better purchasing conditions.

Single sourcing

Single-sourcing is the use of a single document to produce other forms of documents, such as manuals and online help. It allows one document to be used in different kinds of formats, thereby increasing the usability of the documentation. Single-sourcing also eliminates duplicate Single sourcing and facilitates the reuse of existing information, which saves time and money.

Single-sourcing is also known as single source publishing. Free Webinar Register Today! These files are assembled to develop the document. The files may also contain help topics grouped by section. Single-source material consists of information objects available from a single location.

The information objects are assembled to develop information products.

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The information is written once, thereby eliminating redundancy and possible mistakes due to the existence of multiple content sources. Single-source information is usually broken down into base or element levels such as sections, paragraphs and sentences.

When the information is granulated, it becomes easy to choose a particular element for reuse. There are three levels of single sourcing: This type of single-sourcing helps in reducing development and production costs.

It also helps to reduce the time required in developing a product. This level of single-sourcing helps to effectively design the content.

Single-sourcing material, the type of content to be developed and the output media are customized according to user needs. However, the source elements are not altered. Additional content may be added and specific elements can be kept or deleted according to user requirements and depending on the type of media used.

This level provides customized and just-in-time content, reduces the need to search for relevant information and provides content developed as dictated by requirements or system configuration.

The content can further be customized to facilitate unique processes.Developing Single Source Learning - Workshop: Bryan Chapman webinar with explanation about how and why the sample course was built. Very helpful to illustrate what it looks like to create single source content.

NOTE: the approach used was to spin the same content into multiple formats. We’ve grown from a single store to one of the country’s fastest growing small-box discount retailers. A passionate commitment to serving our customers, employees and communities is the foundation of our growth.

Single sourcing

State of Connecticut Department of Revenue Services Legislative Changes Regarding Single-Sales Factor Apportionment and Market-Based Sourcing Corporation Business Tax. Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Consulting Company staffed by veteran professionals from GE and P&G.

Single-sourcing can allow for collaboration and innovation between enterprise and supplier, especially when the buying organization and supplier are mutually dependent on one timberdesignmag.comr, single-sourcing has its own supply chain risks.

Ramsay believes that the cooperative single source is a “myth,” and advises buyers to use “single sources only when the source is at a serious power disadvantage”.

Due to concern for buyer dependence on a single source, Ramsay and Wilson assert that “multi-sourcing should be adopted whenever possible” [12].

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