Rencontre jasnieres

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Rencontre jasnieres

Shaolin Boys Thence to the Shaolin Temple for a gala night; it took a couple of hours by bus to get to the modern Exhibition Centre near the Temple and to take our cushioned seats on the bleachers.

Everything went dark then the spotlights and drums came Rencontre jasnieres to show men dressed as monks on the artificial rocks. Some made martial movements, some appeared to be in meditational trances from which no awakening came throughout the show; the giggling dancing-girls came later.

From a technical point of view the choreography and mise-en-scene were splendid, but as we left I wondered what the shade of Bodhidharma made of it all as he sat in meditation in that cave, his image imprinted on the wall.

Rencontre jasnieres

The next day brought a daylight return bus ride to Shaolin via the municipality of Deng Feng with demonstrations at all the Wushu schools that lined the route.

Yang Lu Chuan receiving the secrets of tai chi from Chen Changxing We were proudly told that there were 83 Wushu schools in the vicinity of Deng Feng and the Temple with a total student enrolment of more than 50, full-time students, both male and female.

We parked and started our walk through the grounds to the Temple itself; I guess it was a few kilometres. There had been riots here in when the new abbot, Shi Yong-xin, declared the whole area round the Temple traditionally belonged to Shaolin so they were taking it back.

With the help of the cops and the soldiers, they bulldozed homes and businesses which families had occupied for generations. Villagers told me that there was no compensation, all they could do was attack the bastard monks with rocks and stones till they were beaten back.

On our way we saw callow male and female monks doing forms, training iron palm, fighting with various weapons or hand to hand, or jumping around on tree trunks embedded in patterns on the ground; others fewer were doing calligraphy, playing chess or appeared to be praying or meditating.

Rows of shaven headed little boys, maybe 8 years old, stood for more than an hour under the hot sun tapping tiny wooden meditation bells with tiny mallets. Lisa said she saw one crying. Some of the many murals of Chen Village museum Finally we got to the Temple complex itself.

When I first visited inthere had been no monks around and the Temple had been in ruins though the frescoes were still of interest. The lovely frescoes were still there slowly rotting away and outside the Temple the old cemetery forest of stone stele was imposing as ever.

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Some of the many murals of Chen Village museum The competition started the same day and for several days; it was a curious affair. There were two venues, one for the top Chinese competitors and the other at a beautiful exhibition centre for foreign friends and other Chinese.

More than competitors were taking part and the level was mixed. Where there was a large entry, competitors were divided into smaller groups. Faye arranged a couple of other meetings for us, one with the secretary of the organizing committee, who again expressed interest in a UK visit for competition.

Marc K. - Pushclub (Melbourne) | Meetup

They also attended the event so I made a point in the best British tradition of shaking the hand of their leader, Anya Meot. Luce and I left early while Chairman Gary and the rest of the crew went to Beijing. Faye did a great job and I hope she can continue to help the TCUGB forge ties with China in the coming years in her new role as Chinese liaison officer.

Any Tai Chi Chuan practitioner thinking of a trip to China for the first time could not find a better guide.The Rencontres Jasnieres (RJ) is organised by local tai chi association ARAMIS (Association de Recherche en Arts Martiaux Internes en Sarthe) which was founded in by Serge Dreyer.

Serge, along with a committee of tai chi enthusiasts, brings tai chi practitioners from around the world together every year on the last weekend of July.

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rencontres jasnières registration. importante reminders.

Rencontre jasnieres

The risk of bad weather is shared by everyone. Unless all four days are cancelled, money will not be refunded. Canceling any registration after July 15th will not refund. For pushing hands, take.

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I've been attending the Rencontres Jasnieres Tai Chi camp in the Loire Valley in France, man and boy since It's a place where you can meet Tai Chi Chuan students and teachers from all over Europe and further afield.

It's even a place where you can make friends.

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