Principles of safeguarding and protection 2 essay

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Principles of safeguarding and protection 2 essay

Explain the nature of different professional relationships in health and social care Explain the nature of different professional relationships in health and social care 8 August Health care Explain the nature of different professional relationships in health and social care.

Within health and social care there are many types of professionals who work to increase service users health and well — being.

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The different types of professionals working with a service user may vary depending on the illness. Although, within the staff members there are also support workers or project workers, these are not professional roles but at times they worked alongside the professionals as they may have a stronger relationship with service users than some of the health care professionals.

Below is an example of the workers within my placement and the relationships they held with one and other. A Social worker is able to provide information and advice about the services which are available for service users.

Social workers liase with other agencies to help a person deal with their problems, i. They organise care plans and take all the health needs into consideration not just focusing on one aspect of their ill health.

May use counselling skills to help service users whom are suffering from depression, bereavement or not coping, this may lead to the social worker making further referrals for the service user. The GP will access their needs to see the current problems and if they need to be referred onto further services for example Physiatrists for mental health.

Most people develop a trusting relationship with their GP as the GP is their first point of contact re physical or mental health problems. Multidisciplinary teams are groups of professionals from diverse disciplines who come together to provide comprehensive assessment and consultation in cases.

While their primary purpose is typically to help team members resolve difficult cases, teams may fulfill a variety of additional functions. They also enhance the professional skills and knowledge of individual team members by providing a forum for learning more about the strategies, resources, and approaches used by various disciplines.

Working in partnership includes many things such as joint working, common learning, multi — agency working, team work, collaborative practice and inter-professional working.

Working in partnership is vital in health and social care. All professionals from hospitals, organisations etc can bring together their skills and its also an opportunity for workers to gain new skills and learn new things, share information, achieving continuity of care, coordination of planning services and Coordination in delivering resources for professionals to apply for the benefit of the service user.

We need to devolve power in the NHS so that frontline staff has a greater say in how services are delivered and resources are allocated. Each of the health care professionals holds a level of power according to their profession.

Within health and social care settings, many principles of support are used such as respecting individuality, rights, choice, privacy, independence, dignity, respect and partnership, equal opportunities; respecting diversity, different cultures and values. Before I went on placement I had to get an Access NI police check to ensure I was legible to work with vulnerable adults.

As my placement is an organisation helping individuals who care for adults with learning disabilities and helping their children, this legislation was very important to me.

The principles underpin the regional procedural guidance these include:Oklahoma City University Law Review; State Constitutions and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, by Robert Dowlut & Janet A.


Principles of safeguarding and protection 2 essay

Arthur Sutherland Pigott Woodhouse, Puritanism and Liberty, being the Army Debates () from the Clarke Manuscripts with Supplementary Documents [].

Published: Mon, 5 Dec Substance misuse causes considerable harm and is presently an immense global issue of public concern. It is a wide-ranging problem, damaging individuals, families and .

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It has been defined both as "the Science of Justice" and "the Art of Justice". Law is a system that regulates and ensures that individuals or a community adhere to the will of the state. Home > NCFE NVQ Level 2 in Health and Social Care HSC. Question: Unit – HSC Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care NCFE NVQ Level 2 in Health and Social Care HSC Define the following types of abuse: • Physical abuse • Sexual abuse • .

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