Newspaper terms dateline

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Newspaper terms dateline

October 18, Sunil Saxena Knowhow 5 Anchor: A soft story used at the base of Page Newspaper terms dateline. The headline of such a story is different to the headlines used for hard news stories.

It will be more creative and eye-catching. Banner is a headline that runs across all eight columns on the top of the page. It is used for momentous events, and is set in big and bold letters. The banner is also called a streamer Box: A news report that is surrounded by a printed rule. The box is used to display those stories that are important or unusual.

The name of the reporter who wrote the story. In the case of agencies, the name of the news agency is used as byline. The text used to describe a photograph. It is known as cutline in the US. The advertisements run in small type.

Newspaper terms dateline

These are ads placed by individuals or small traders, who pay according to the number of words used. A weekly or fortnightly article written by a seasoned commentator, who is either a journalist or a specialist. There is one more definition of column. As you know, each newspaper page is divided into six to eight vertical rows.

These rows, which are used to display content, are called columns. It comprises of two elements: Deck is the term used to describe each line in a newspaper headline. It is also called the Leader. Filler is a short item that is used to fill up space on a newspaper page.

Folio is the line of text placed on top of inside pages giving the page number, day and date of publication. Headline is the title of a news report run in display type to catch the attention of the readers. A headline summarises the most important point in a news report.

An infographic is an art form where words are used with charts, illustrations, graphs or photographs to tell a news story. Jump is the part of the story that is continued from the front page to an inside page of a newspaper. The jump line is used to inform the reader of the page and column number where he can find the rest of the story.

Kicker is the headline that is written on top of the main headline. It is set in a point size that is less than the point size used to set the main headline.

In several newspapers the Kicker is called Shoulder. Lead is the first paragraph of a news report Masthead: Masthead is the forehead of the newspaper where the title of the newspaper is published.

It also gives the place of publication, publication date etc. Sidebar is a short story related to the main story and run adjacent to it. Strapline is a headline written beneath the main headline.

It is written in a point size that is smaller than the point size used to write the main headline, and is generally used to highlight a new point.

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It can also be used to amplify the main headline. In some newspapers, Strap-line is also referred to as Reverse Shoulder. Subhead is one or two word headline inserted at the head of a paragraph to break the monotony of a solid column of type.

Sub-heads are generally written in bold letters in the same point size as the body text. Teaser is a front-page box placed over or below the newspaper masthead. It lists the important stories run on inside pages.Define dateline.

dateline synonyms, dateline pronunciation, dateline translation, English dictionary definition of dateline. n. A phrase at the beginning of a newspaper or magazine article that gives the date and place of its origin.

date′line′ v. n journalism the date and. How to Write a Newspaper Article. A newspaper article tells readers about important events, or news. The opening, or lead paragraph of a newspaper article answers six questions.

NEWSPAPER VOCABULARY. active voice: In active voice the subject (the subject of the verb) performs the action. Active voice puts the person or thing (the subject) doing the action first in the sentence, then the verb. dateline: The first words in lead of a story which give .

A dateline is a geographic identifier at the beginning of a news article or press release. The name of a city or town, often followed by an abbreviation of a state name, is considered a dateline.

Dateline definition, a line of text giving the place of origin and usually the date of a news dispatch or the like. See more. Watch the Current Season.

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