Moral decisions in daily life

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Moral decisions in daily life

Read through these 25 moral dilemmas, and have a think about what you might do in each situation. The Trapped Mining Crew Heather is part of a four-person mining expedition. There is a cave-in and the four of them are trapped in the mine.

A rock has crushed the legs of one of her crew members and he will die without medical attention. She is able to calculate that this space has just enough oxygen for three people to survive for 36 hours, but definitely not enough for four people.

The only way to save the other crew members is to refuse medical aid to the injured crew member so that there will be just enough oxygen for the rest of the crew to survive.

Should Heather allow the injured crew member to die in order to save the lives of the remaining crew members?

Moral decisions in daily life

The Runaway Trolley A runaway trolley is heading down the tracks toward five workmen who will be killed if the trolley proceeds on its present course. Molly is on a footbridge over the tracks, in between the approaching trolley and the five workmen.

Next to her on this footbridge is a stranger who happens to be very large. If she does nothing the trolley will proceed, causing the deaths of the five workmen. The only way to save the lives of these workmen is to push this stranger off the bridge and onto the tracks below, where his large body will stop the trolley, causing his death.

Should Molly push the stranger onto the tracks in order to save the five workmen? The Deliberate Infection Ken is a doctor. One of his patients, whom he has diagnosed as HIV positive, is about to receive a blood transfusion prior to being released from the hospital.

He has told Ken, in the confidence of their doctor-patient relationship, that after he gets his transfusion, and his medicine from Ken, he intends to infect as many people as possible with HIV starting that evening.

Because Ken is bound by doctor-patient confidentiality, there is no legal way to stop this man from carrying out his plan. Even if Ken warned the police, they would not be able to arrest him, since his medical information is protected. It occurs to Ken that he could contaminate his medication by putting an untraceable poison in it that will kill him before he gets a chance to infect others.

Should Ken poison this man in order to prevent him from spreading HIV? The Hostage Ecologists Tom is part of a group of ecologists who live in a remote stretch of jungle. The entire group, which includes eight children, has been taken hostage by a group of paramilitary terrorists.

One of the terrorists takes a liking to Tom. He informs Tom that his leader intends to kill him and the rest of the hostages the following morning.

He is willing to help Tom and the children escape, but as an act of good faith he wants Tom to torture and kill one of his fellow hostages whom he does not like.

If Tom refuses his offer, all the hostages including the children and Tom will die. If he accepts his offer, then the others will die in the morning but Tom and the eight children will escape.

Should Tom torture and kill one of his fellow hostages in order to escape from the terrorists and save the lives of the eight children? The Life Insurance Policy Mary is in a hospital lounge waiting to visit a sick friend. A young man sitting next to Mary explains that his father is very ill.

The doctors believe that he has a week to live at most. He explains further that his father has a substantial life insurance policy that expires at midnight.

If his father dies before midnight, this young man will receive a very large sum of money. After talking with him Mary can tell this man is in desperate need of the money to feed his family.Ethics: Approaching Moral Decisions (Contours of Christian Philosophy) [Arthur F.

Holmes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With over 60, copies in print since its original publication in , Ethics has served numerous generations of students as a classic introduction to philosophical ethics from a Christian perspective.

Dec 26,  · Some people have hypothetical minds that like to debate what is right and wrong. Sometimes, however, what is right and wrong is not so clear, as is the case in a moral dilemma.

Moral decision making is something every human does on a daily basis, modifying their behavior to obey standards of society which are based upon a shared system of values. In its most simplistic form, moral decision making is done with ethical motives in mind, concerned with the distinction between right and wrong by each individual. 10 Best Practices for Addressing Ethical Issues and Moral Distress By Debra Wood, RN, contributor March 3, - Ethical conflicts are pervasive in today’s healthcare settings, where organizations are trying to do more with less and medical advances and life-extending treatments often cause suffering. Sleep Deprivation Affects Moral Judgment, Study Finds Date: March 2, Source: American Academy of Sleep Medicine Summary: A study published .

Three years ago, Jamie Frater created a list of 10 agonizing moral dilemmas. Now that it’s so old, I . How self-driving cars could make moral decisions.

have to make life-and-death decisions: which way to swerve in a traffic accident, for instance, or whose life to prioritise when things go.

These are similar to the kind of moral dilemmas depicted in films like Saving Private Ryan, where an entire unit of soliders is sacrificed to safe the life of one man, and in Helen Mirren's new. James J. Jackson's book, In All Things Moral Reflections and Decisions on Life Issues, will encourage, entertain, and give you the comfort of knowing that you can deal with any of life.

Researchers have discovered humans can make difficult moral decisions using the same brain circuits as those used in routine choices. These circuits, also found in other animals, put together two.

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