Language poetry writing as rescue

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Language poetry writing as rescue

This means that decisions about how to write poetry are being made, both implicitly and explicitly, with an eye toward what a very narrow subculture of artists demands and will reward. The result is a betrayal of the very capacity for historic, system-challenging idiosyncrasy that makes poetry worth composing in the first place.

For every game-changing book of poetry by a poet like Claudia Rankine, there are three hundred that join the freeway of American poetry publishing as indistinguishably as a Camry or Civic does I in Sioux Falls.

In installing the rigid subcultural economy so many of them frequent, American poets have entered a suicide pact that ensures their own perpetual unhappiness as well as the demise of poetry as a relevant public gesture.

Indeed, in my experience so committed are poets to the rituals of their aging cult that any challenge whatsoever to its key mantras is taken as an act of betrayal—one punishable by violent expulsion from the group.

So the fact is that most non-poets hate poetry about the same way I hate bluegrass: So below are ten ideas that could save American poetry. The list is obviously non-exhaustive, and these ideas do not comprise a prescription for poetry-writing.

What these ideas are, however, is a confession, by a longtime poet, that while not many poets need to be integrating these ideas into their poetry-writing practice, and not many non-poets need to re-dedicate themselves to reading poetry and poets undergirded by the principles below, at least some do if poetry is going to survive much further into the digital age.

In short, America, poetry needs you in a much more obvious way than you need poetry. Fortunately, the poetry that needs you the most, and which, in turn, non-poets most need whether they realize it or not, is not the poetry that many poets are now writing or the poetry that non-poets are currently not reading.

Every video in this article is poetry. The point is not that a person—me or anyone else—can individually do anything to rescue poetry from a poetry subculture that daily celebrates falseness, cruelness, smallness, and exclusion, but that the same subculture that is now systematically strangling poetic innovation on occasion produces the tools of its own dismantling.

If there is a good thing to be said about contemporary American poetry, it is that it is not yet so disconnected from its own distress that it cannot provide clues to those on the lookout for a course correction.

Poetry is not a genre of art. Somewhere along the way poetry got separated out from all the other art-forms in a very particular way: But all that said, I bet I could find some poetry you dig.

Poets are charged more than any other type of artist with torching language and all its conventions. My point is that as and when you find yourself looking for examples of humans using language to decimate the chains that bind them, you are in search of poetry.

This is one reason why, for all that nearly every aspect of his character and his political agenda is odious, Donald Trump should be celebrated by those with the hearts of poets for just one thing: Incidentally, Bernie Sanders also found a new language in which to encode a politics, which is why he too struck an unlikely chord this last election season.

The idea that poetry must be an elevation of language above the mire of existence is a falsehood perpetuated by literary propagandists. Too many young poets are kept from accessing the time and space to write that a writing program offers by an inability to afford the bill.

And it is an actual evil—I use that word, evil, advisedly—that many of the powers that be in American poetry have worked so hard to ensure that graduate creative writing programs will never become the fully funded terminal-degree programs they should be.

So treating the economics of poetry as a surprising asset for the art-form also means eliminating any barriers to that maxim being universal rather than just local.

language poetry writing as rescue

In America today we have an opportunity for our creative writing MFA programs to be fully funded in the same way terminal-degree programs in all other academic disciplines are, and to the extent certain poets stand in the way of that progress they should be swept aside as enemies of not just art but the real lives of real people.

Poetry must be ever mindful, in particular, of opening its doors still wider to the shy, the Middle American, and the suffering—whether those suffering persons are straight and white and male or members of a minority population.

A poet knows better than anyone that words are just words. A poet can celebrate how much a single word is worth—can show us how just three words say liberty, equality, and fraternity, or we the people can move an entire nation to action—but knows too what comedians have long known, which is that language is endlessly malleable, fungible, ephemeral, and combinatory.

A poet can treat words like a jazz musician treats notes—as an opportunity for improvisation a comment on form which is, of course, its own formal structure —or like Girl Talk treats samples. You can also appropriate—or misappropriate—language as part of a poetics, such as turning a Donald Trump speech into poetry or falsely attributing a series of lyric monologues to a dead person.

You can explode linguistic taboos and expose their innards. Words are material, and so they act, and can be acted upon, just like any other material: They can also generatively displease us, moving us to action or new philosophies by dint of their provocations.

I said poetry is a meta-genre, and it is, but of course this also means that, when we find it, we can identify its operations independent of any accompaniment.

Miles Davis could make poetry with a trumpet, and Jimi Hendrix with a guitar, and Robert Mapplethorpe with a camera, but while we always carry our ability to make words with us, we do not always have a trumpet, guitar, or camera at hand.I started writing poems a while back, and was looking for an app which is free and is curated for easily adding images and text.

Pronto came to the rescue. The . Poetry Food has been a topic of poetry for many centuries and in many cultures; the notion that food writing and poetry writing are totally separate ventures is a recent development. POETRY COMPARISON Lucy Pittman A poem is an expression of emotion or ideas through literary work, often with a distinctive style and rhythm.

Kenneth Slessor’s ‘Beach Burial’ and Bruce Dawe’s ‘Elegy for Drowned Children’ both present ideas on how individuals . Power Of Words Quotes Quotes tagged as "power-of-words" (showing of ) “Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.”.

At our Northern Nevada Constructed Response Summit, Instructional Coach Debra Bareño and Regional Trainer Holly Young facilitated sessions on teaching a framework for C.R. that they co-designed for math, but then expanded to work with language arts and science.

Language poetry is very abstract and hard to interpret. The turning of context, the exploration of meaning and the reexamination of avant-garde writing threatens to explode one's head if analyzed for too long.

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