Is capital punishment biblical essay

A Christian View and Biblical PerspectiveOctober 18, Kerby Anderson provides a biblical worldview perspective on capital punishment.

Is capital punishment biblical essay

Is it right or wrong? The issue is tied into a number of contexts, and we will discuss those only briefly; our main concern, as always, is the Bible's take on the matter and whether a case can be made either pro or con.

We'll also be able to look at certain social factors and how they might apply today. All con-arguments below are from J. Gordon Melton's The Churches Speak on Capital Punishment, a helpful compiliation of various church's statements on this subject.

Does the Bible support capital punishment? Few would answer this one in the negative and fewer can cite any Scripture that works against it.

It is patently obvious that capital punishment hereafter CP was practiced in ancient Israel and was not repudiated in the NT at all.

Is capital punishment biblical essay

Some have tried to find an implicit Scriptural reason to reject CP, but we will see below that such efforts take their cites out of context.

On the other hand, one must carefully distinguish between saying that the Bible mandates CP and saying that it merely permits CP. This relates to an important sub-issue: Examples of CP appear overwhelmingly in the OT law and it is prescribed for such things as adultery and witchcraft.

So should we be enforcing it likewise today? No, not on that basis. On this point let's repeat something we offered in another essay on the role of the law today. Deuteronomy is laid out in the form of an ancient treaty between a king and his vassals.

It is in essence a contract between God and Israel. They "signed on" and agreed to enforce the penalties. What's the equivalent now? We now have a new covenant or contract between Christ and the individual and the believer. The sins are paid for by Christ's blood, and he takes on the punishment for the transgression of those who break God's law and accept his payment.

The old covenant and our enmity with it is now abolished Eph. The non-believer, the witch, et al. Aren't covered by this, but nor does our new contract contain specifications of enforcement -- that is now God's domain, with regard to each individual, on the basis of the new covenant terms.

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On the other hand, when a superior writes a contract, even if you are not a party to it, the contract will still give you an idea what values the superior holds to.

We no longer enforce the penalties, but we still know what actions displease God, and the NT does say that God has given authority to human governments.Get an answer for 'What would be a good thesis statement for an essay discussing capital punishment (the death penalty)?' and find homework help for other Essay Lab questions at eNotes.

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Raymond O. Faulkner [, , Chronicle Books, San. Recent Developments in Capital Punishment The Federal Death Penalty In addition to the death penalty laws in many states, the federal government has also employed capital punishment for certain federal offenses, such as murder of a government official, kidnapping resulting in death, running a large-scale drug enterprise, and treason.

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Is capital punishment biblical essay

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EBook PDF KB This. SYNOPSIS. The “new atheists” call God’s commands to kill the Canaanites “genocide,” but a closer look at the horror of the Canaanites’ sinfulness, exhibited in rampant idolatry, incest, adultery, child sacrifice, homosexuality, and bestiality, reveals that God’s reason for commanding their death was not genocide but capital punishment.

Capital Punishment and the Bible Essay Words | 6 Pages. Capital Punishment and the Bible Capital punishment has always been an arguable issue and for good reason. The Old Testament clearly calls for the death penalty on many occasions, whereas; many of the teachings of Jesus and others in the New testament readily denounce it.

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