Example of pressure washing business plan

It helps you pre-plan important actions. It can also help you focus on important subjects that have to be addressed if your business is be profitable and grow.

Example of pressure washing business plan

You buy a pressure washer and next day business is booming, right?

example of pressure washing business plan

Well, if so, perhaps you should keep reading. Have you ever pressure washed before… What happens if you end up hating pressure cleaning? What minimum equipment is required to get started and in business? How do you get customers to start? Well, all these questions have been thoroughly researched and the answers put together in this guide for you.

Hopefully it helps you decide if you want to start a pressure washing business and gives you the first steps how-to. Do you enjoy doing the work? If you absolutely hate power cleaning why would you start a business doing it? Borrow a friends or rent a pressure washer from Home Depot for a week and use it everyday to clean: Another option is to call up a pressure washing company in a neighbourhood a few miles away not direct competition and offer to work for them for free every Saturday for a month.

Ask questions and learn. You need to figure out if your power washer business can make profit and how quickly. Services based businesses like power cleaning require more capital to start.

The 4 main upfront expenditure categories are: Power washing gear including pressure washer, surface cleaner, nozzleschemicals and trailer or equivalent. Insurance costs, business permits and contractor license costs. Cost to acquire your first few customers Ads, pamphlets, flyers etc.

Cost of your transportation to get to customers homes truck, van etc. Money In Revenues You make money by pressure cleaning for customers. What price you charge for your services should be high enough to earn your business a profit and low enough to be competitive with other service providers.

It is so that you understand how the business will make money. As a guide you can use these very minimum starting prices: Pressure washing gear to get started: The gist is this: This is just a rough guide you should consult a business lawyer and do your own due-diligence to ensure you have your affairs in order to starting a pressure washing business.

Contractor Permit — You may need a specific permit for pressure washing in the area you pressure wash so be sure to contact the local licensing office for details. Insurance Your pressure washing business will probably need 3 different types of insurance.

Be sure to visit many insurance agents to get quotes and advice. Liability insurance to cover damage you may create while pressure cleaning. Workers compensation to cover for injuries to you or others while on the job.

Equipment insurance to cover damage or if they are stolen. They all have conferences yearly to network and many more events around the U. The customer instantly trusts you more and feels more inclined to recommend you to friends. Who would you trust and recommend out of these two?

Option A The one that rolls up to your house with a clean Ford F brand stickers prominent pulling a nice looking trailer with the company name and phone number on the side with attached powerful looking pressure cleaning equipment, hose reel and water tank.

From removing paint to fleet washing. First impressions just matter. It also sets you apart from the year old down the street offering the same service with his parents handheld pressure cleaner — not that theres anything wrong with doing that.

The guy that owns a fleet of delivery trucks is going to hire you not the kid. You have made yourself a trustworthy authority by getting good gear.Sample Business Plans Travel Tour Agency Sample Business Plan.

Start-Up your travel tour agency with a business plan similar to this detailed example. Mother's House Cleaning Service cleaning service business plan executive summary. Mother's House Cleaning Service offers extra care and attentive cleaning services for upper class homes/5().

Create a business plan for your pressure washing business. The plan does not have to have a professional appearance, but should detail all aspects of your pressure washing business. Include. If you own and operate your own auto detailing or mobile auto detailing business chances are you do not know what it costs to operate your business on a daily basis.

BUSINESS PLAN FOR _____ Car Wash Date Here Prepared for: _____ Bank High Pressure Rinse - Clear rinse water used to flush all vehicle surfaces of dirt and solutions.

This makes self-service washing a quick and economical solution to the car owners needs. The car wash industry is entering a rebirth, so to speak. Remember that pressure washing is a seasonal business, so you do the bulk of your work in autumn, spring and summer, hardly any jobs during the winter..

This business can be started with a minimal investment in equipment and training, as well as adequate business skills to run the business.

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