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This gives busy people plenty of time to read the critique submission. This way everyone receives a reminder. In our writing group, we allow individuals to submit up to 25 pages for critique. These 25 pages need to be formatted properly, including being double spaced.

Critiquing someone writing avatar

Point out the good and the bad and treat people with respect. If we ignore it, it will go away. I agree- we all need to give the type of critique we would want critiquing someone writing avatar receive. October 31, at 3: In fact, I was ready to put what she put down! And another thing… Those folks who are belittling fellow forumites with harsh and unnecessary critiques if they can be called thatyou need to just chill and take a look at your own flaws for a moment or two, preferably before attacking someone else.

This is the WD Forum. Reshad Mikala Engel Participant I have nothing against harsh critiques. Tell the plain and simple truth.

You help no one by lying, you help no one by pretending horrible writing is anything other than horrible writing. Making people feel better does not make them write better.

It usually does the reverse.

critiquing someone writing avatar

Point out one good thing, and a writer will ignore the twenty-five horrible things. October 31, at I really do think part of the problem is not understanding the differences among criticisms, feedback and critiques.

A critique is more of an analytic, editorial exercise. It is an action we have to learn and then practice to master. I know what you mean about being talked down to as if one was stupid or childish. I had such a critique a week or so ago.

Sometimes, we just have to shrug these things off and consider the source. The very act of reaching out to communicate is a marvel.

Taking the time to a find the good in the piece — and there is, always good even in the most immature pieces, and b suggest improvements, gives the writer hope. And it IS a skill that can be learned.

Granted there are some who just come naturally to the gift, but there are others who learn it and they can achieve a level of understanding and appreciation for the ideas they want to impart.

What I mean to say is, there IS no horrible writing…there are only works in various stages of progress. Keep your cruel honesty, and send a gentle word of encouragement along with a couple specific pointers, instead. October 31, at 6:Although the design profession doesn't involve loads of writing, it does involve multiple forms of writing; In a magazine, on an internet site, critiquing someone else's work, writing a book, or writing up a contract.

Someone else out there will.

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4) Think of self-critiquing as a way to gain perspective. Many writers, especially novices, have a hard time sharing their work with others because of the fear of rejection, criticism, and even ridicule. So why not use self-critiquing to place yourself in the shoes of readers?

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The purpose of critiquing someone's writing is to point out the flaws in order to show them where they can improve. But it's also about encouraging and supporting others in their pursuit of next time someone hands you a piece of writing for feedback, here are five keys that contribute to providing a friend or writing group member with a .

Oct 15,  · What do you do when you find a friend asking you to critique their story? What are some best practices to help both you and them?

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What should you say when you ask someone . Writing a Critique What is a critique? Rhetorical Situation Your Purpose: What are some possible reasons for critiquing someone's work?


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