Copywriting as a career option

Packaging design is crucial in creating consumer perception and influencing purchasing decisions.

Copywriting as a career option

July 28, By Jacob Warwick 2 Comments Businesses interested in leveraging the many benefits of content marketing seem to have an ever-growing list of solutions and content strategies to choose from.

They can hire freelancers, outsource their content to an agency; or they can even onboard and train their own in-house teams. With so many options, it can be hard to decide which is best for you. Understanding how each of these solutions can best align with your overarching business goals, budgeting restrictions and the needs of your customers is a necessary step before you promote your brand with a content driven strategy—especially when on a tight budget.

While many of these strategies can prove successful for a variety of business models, not every tactic is going to be effective for your specific company needs.

Learn how to identify the content needs of your business and about the pros, cons, and costs associated with multiple content marketing solutions to better inform your budgeting decisions. To combat this lack of understanding and to have a stronger understanding of which content marketing solution will be most effective for your business, you should always inform your content decisions based on the the needs of your target audience—your customers.

For example, you can ask your sales team about customer interactions. What are their pain points?

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Why are they interested in your products or service offerings? What are common questions that they ask of your sales team? Additionally, research your product reviews, ask for customer feedback directly, survey your clients, perform keyword research within your market, and analyze your customers through social listening to have a stronger grasp of their typical personas.

There are a wide range of prices that you can expect to encounter when performing your search; however, as a general rule of thumb, you can expect to get what you pay for, as proven professionals and agencies understand what successful content campaigns are worth.

The costs associated with internal hires is primarily dependent on their years of expertise, track record of success, and your geographic location. To have a stronger idea of how much you should plan on investing, check what other companies are spending for similar talent with career sites such as GlassdoorIndeedand PayScale.

Additionally, the content marketers worth hiring ideally have a long list of skills that can be applied to a few different marketing functions, impacting how high their salary should be. Some of the skillsets you should look for are: Not to mention, your team might not have the expertise to come up with a content marketing strategy in-house in the first place to understand what content types to invest in and why.

For more in-depth specialty projects where your company lacks the time or resources to complete efficiently or for managing your day-to-day content marketing needs, outsourcing to an agency or consultancy can be an excellent solution.

Content marketing agencies often boast a breadth of service offerings ranging from graphic design to SEO and can offer packages that encompass many of your needs.

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Additionally, the best agencies employ a staff of professionals with mixed backgrounds and expertise which can better ensure that your projects are covered from all angles.

The goal of a consultancy is to partner with clients in one key area with a specialized expertise, which in this case would be content marketing.

This is where pricing can get a bit more complicated as experience level, quality of work performance, and timely service can greatly affect the cost. Fortunately, there are a few tips and areas you can search to better identify exactly what you should be paying for your content needs.

If you have a tight budget or want to explore more inexpensive options, you can start by searching websites such as UpworkElanceand sometimes find local talent through Craigslist.

These sites have job posting boards that host a large selection of professionals located throughout the world.

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On Upwork and Elance, you can publish your content needs with a proposed budget and wait for freelancers to apply, or seek out talent that specifically aligns with your project and budget requirements.

If you have specific content needs that require precise attention to detail, a quick project turnaround, or specific industry knowledge, to receive optimal results, you should start looking towards professional content marketers that specialize in your needs—copywriters, web coders, graphic artists, etc.

While higher end freelancers may cost more than those on an Elance or Upwork, they tend to have more experience, can deliver services across a few different specialities and are more likely to form ongoing relationships with your organization for a long-term partnership.Sep 18,  · Last year we inaugurated our first-ever list of the best websites for your career.

copywriting as a career option

We took nominations from readers and combed through some . Writers’ Huddle is open to all writers: freelancers, novelists, non-fiction authors and anyone exploring where words take them.

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Veteran Freelancer Pinpoints Copywriting as the Smartest Career Option By Mindy McHorse. Dave's writing business affords him plenty of free time to spend doing things with his grandson.

This is the definitive guide on how to become a copywriter even if you have no experience. Will cover how to get copywriting jobs and learn the craft. Now here’s where a copywriting career gets interesting!

(and I don’t always mean in a good way). I mean, you might not make any money either, but you at least have the option to take.

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