Communication and personality in negotiation paper essay

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Communication and personality in negotiation paper essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Communication and Personality in Negotiation Over the years, negotiation has been a tactic used for different situations whether personal or professional. In theory, negotiation concepts and terms have been used to understand and analyze the purpose of negotiation by evaluating different characteristics.

To better understand the concept of negotiation, the roles of communication and personality in negotiation and how they contributed to or detracted from the negotiation is analyzed.

In the process of negotiation, two parties usually resolve a situation using the process of perception to connect in their surrounding environment. However, negotiation is the bargaining between two parties who are trying to attain or win a situation, utilizing the key concepts of managing interdependence, engaging in mutual adjustment, creating value, and managing a conflict.

Although these key concepts are the stepping stone in the function to negotiate, communication and personality roles in negotiation usually determines the different areas of communication and personality that analyzes different non verbal communication levels, communication channels, listening, and the five big personality factors in negotiation.

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Thus conflict also plays an important role where decisions and goals are perceived. In the role of communication, the acceptable functions of questioning, active listening, positive eye contact and body language, and non polarizing language usually encodes and decodes messages that are been carried from one party to another which then results in a positive or negative feedback.

Hence, the function of questioning in negotiation is used by an arguing party when they are trying to find out the sole purpose of the other parties goal in order to reach an understanding.

This function questioning, is communicated through eye contact when a question is been asked, head nods to reveal understanding, and gestures to demonstrate the question. Also, questioning can take place face to face, on the phone or even through e-mail.

These levels of communication described may be known as non verbal or different communication channels used in many functions of negotiation.

A person who is in a negotiation may attain the factors of extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and emotional stability.

A person who has the personality trait of being extroversion is more relaxed and very confident, but needs stimulation to express emotions extraversion, Agreeableness as a personality is one trait that comes out when both parties can agree on the similarities of a situation to close their bargaining.

Conscientiousness displays emotion at its best when an individual is trying to get over on someone, but does not care because they are the one who will come out on top at the end of the situation. Moreover, emotional stability can be described as an individual who keeps a poker face in any situation.

This personality trait is perceived by others as power. Conflict in negotiation usually arises when two parties are negotiating for different goals.

Communication and personality in negotiation paper essay

There are four levels of conflict; intrapersonal conflict that happens within a person, interpersonal that happens between two individuals, intergroup happens within a group, and intergroup that happens between groups. On a whole, conflict is what leads to negotiation in regard to solving a problem for a win-win situation.

Scenario As mentioned in the above, negotiation has been a tactic used for different situations whether personal or professional.Category: Analyze two of the following three roles (communication personality or relationships) and how they contributed to – or detracted from – your described negotiation situation.

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Upon watching the first part of the listening skills video, one gets the impression that in as much as efforts to communicate are made, the intent of the communication is not achieved. Temperament and Negotiation Essay Sample. Different people have different personality and negotiating styles.

Negotiating style varies according to the temperament of the person involved and how he copes with different situations. And the internal communication and collaboration skills are quite important. If I were in a real and serious negotiation situation, I believe the effort I would put within the team to align our negotiate strategy would be no less than the effort we put on our counterparts.

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