Canada prepares for wwi

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Canada prepares for wwi

Canada Prepares for War: It was not entirely unexpected: Canada has often been described as an unmilitary country. There are some senses in which that was true. Parades, martial displays and annual training camps were features of daily life.

Next to churches, government-built armouries were the most prominent public buildings in many towns. Canadians took pride in their membership in the British Empire with its very prominent martial tradition.

The battles of the British or English past were fondly remembered and celebrated: Things were not quite the same in French Canada, for while there were militia regiments there were also units of papal zouaves, marching in red pantaloons and recalling the day when French Canadians had fought for the pope to hold back the forces of Italian secularism—unsuccessfully, as it happened.

It was too bad there was no papal navy, for when the question of formulating a naval policy for Canada arose between andFrench Canada reacted with indifference and then hostility to various schemes for securing the waves.

The split was along language lines, and was a harbinger of trouble to come. Britain was indeed in an exciting naval race with Germany, but it was a race that Britain was winning.

Churchill and the British prime minister, H. Asquith, breathed not a word of this arrangement to Borden when he visited Britain seeking enlightenment in But the entente with France was to be crucial in moving Britain toward war inand by the time Borden recognized the danger of war, at the very end of July, the movement had become an avalanche.

What Borden did not know did not hurt him politically, for the opposition also had no idea how ill-founded his naval plans actually were. As the British Cabinet deliberated in the first days of Augustits Canadian counterpart simply awaited news from London.

Canada prepares for wwi

Borden sought no special information, and got none. It would not have occurred to him actually to offer advice, for what would he say? The Germans had provided a casus belli by invading Belgium, and that was enough for Borden—as it was for most Canadians.

Still, the hours drifted by as the British government presented an ultimatum to the imperial German government and awaited a reply. Finally, at 5 pm on August 4,the word came. Britain was at war, so Canada was at war. The Union Jack was restored to its flagpole, Parliament was summoned and Canadians reflexively reacted.

Judging from the newspapers, they reacted with enthusiasm, though more effusively in English than in French Canada. The question of how much participation was however up to Canada. What would be required? No-one could say for certain.

Gwatkin was, unfortunately, proved right. Nobody could really remember the last Great War, which had ended ninety-nine years before and which had lasted 22 long and costly years.

The wave of brilliant red flowers marks the end of a centennial of commemorations of the Great War

It was a war of marching and cavalry charges and field artillery, though occasionally it was also a war of sieges and trenches. Importantly, it was a pre-modern conflict, before railways and the internal combustion engine, telegraphs and radios, and airplanes, which would give the war just beginning a different character.

Nevertheless, men would be required for the army, money for armaments and raw material to feed the industry that would produce the armaments.America Enters the Great War Wilson Struggles as He Prepares the Nation for World War I. Spring , Vol.

49, No.

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1. By Mitchell Yockelson. Canada Prepares for WWI “In Canada, the summer of was like every other summer” (Swettenham, 2).Although great in size, Canada’s population had always been small compared to that of other countries, and was still only a growing nation.

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Canada prepares for WWI By: Jack Omstead M.A.I.N Causes Militarism - Beginning to build stronger armies and navies (competition) Alliances - agreement b/w . As Canada's national public news and information service, the CBC is committed to a set of values that include accuracy, fairness, balance, impartiality and Views: K.

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